Why Schrodinger's cat?

Who is Schrodinger and what does his cat have to do with web analytics? I'll bet that's what you want to know. And let me just say now, that while I'm not a fan of cats, this particular experiment was never carried out. It's just used to prove duality which is a fundamental characteristic of quantum mechanics.

In Schrodinger's hypothetical experiment, a cat is either living or dead depending on if a sealed box is opened and the state of the cat is observed. That is to say, when the box is not open, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. If the box is open, then the act of observation causes the cat to be either dead or alive. Hard to understand I know, but it's not a question. This dual state is real on the quantum level.

The application for web analytics is to say, you may think your website is alive and doing well until you really measure it or observe how it is being used. Then you may discover you have a dead cat in the box and hence the dual states.

If you really want to know more about Schrodinger's cat visit the Wikipedia listing. Welcome to my web analytics blog!