ObservePoint Webinar on Data Integrity

Recently I hosted a Webinar on Data Integrity with Robert Seolas, co-founder of Observepoint. It covers the following topics: 
- What are best practices of dealing with data integrity?
- What is Observepoint?
- How Semphonic uses Observepoint on client sites.
- 10 paths to data integrity.
- Live demo for one audience member.

Key Points:
6:47 Robert discusses general data integrity
22:14 Practical Tips about Maintaining Data Integrity
40:53 Observepoint Demo
1:00:10 Freebies and Contact Information  

Here is a rundown of the Q&A portion of the Webinar.

Q: Can I run more than one user agent at the same time?
A: We run a separate Audit for each user agent.

Q: For example, I want to check iphone and android, is that two separate audits or can I do both in one audit?
A: Same as above, a separate Audit foe each user agent.

Q: Assuming you can upload a predefined list of URLs in Excel/CSV/TAB to audit a site rather than relying on the Observepoint crawler to find the URLs through a crawl.
A: Yes, you can, you can start an audit anyplace you want, and crawl and audit only the data sets you want.

Q: Do you crawl Javascript/Ajax type features?
A: We detect and Audit Ajax, Flash, javascript when the fire on loading the page.  If you need to manually interact with a part of the site to get a tag to fire, then you simply use your plugin to audit.  We can even save that manual activity, and use it for future Audits 

Q: Do you need to install something on the webserver?
A: No, nothing needs to be installed to run Observepoint. No IT involvement is needed.

Q: Will the audit automatically detect tagging issues on sub domains? eg., cnn.com vs money.cnn.com
A: Yes. We will Audit any page on a domain automatically, unless you tell us not to.

Q: How does auditing staging / dev environments work when those environments exist behind a firewall?
A: We can audit behind all of those pretty easily.  Depending on how you set up your site.

Q: Where do we send requests for custom tracking  tags? (sorry, not sure what they're called for certain)
A: Custom tracking requests can be sent to Rob

Q: Also, does Observepoint have the ability to block traffic from specific IP addresses/blocks to avoid inflation of the reports.
A: Observepoint does not record multiple inbound page views like a web analytics tool. It records just the original page view/ tag firing, so by nature an audit report would not be inflated. However, you might find the monitor sees bursts of traffic coming from specific IP addresses. These could be blocked in the monitor rules.

Q: For how much time will Observepoint look for the page's tags before giving up? I ask this because it happened in some of my Audits that Observepoint sees no tag for some slow loading pages, but checking it "manually" it only needs more time to be fired...
A: That depends on the site, and we have new advanced settings that resolves slow loading tag.

Q: Can you use Observepoint for video as well?
A: If the video fires your tag on load, then the Audit is done automatically.  If not you simply use your free plugin.

Special offers available on Semphonic and Observepoint.