Overlooked, Underloved, and Unknown Analytics

I am very excited to be attending the upcoming OMS Seattle 2011 event. I will be hosting a presentation titled “How Sexy is your Data?” where I will talk about using the new Google Dashboards and other V5 goodies. Also, I will cover some fundamentals of good data visualization and tracking of social media traffic.

  • Did you know you can create a segment for fans vs non-facebook fans and see how they perform on your site?
  • Did you know you can classify or create groups in the marketing funnels reports to make the analysis more useful?
  • Do you know why you can't see campaigns in GA when your agency says they've added tracking?
Find out this and more at my OMS Seattle session scheduled for June 23, 2010 at 11:30 am. I also have one free pass left if you haven't registered yet. DM me on Twitter under @ahartsoe to get it.

And finally, there will be one-on-one sessions with Semphonic that I would like to encourage you to sign up for. In these special 30 minute sessions we will answer your specific questions about tracking, reporting, and other measurement needs fulfilled in Google Analytics. To sign up you can visit us here or e mail SemphonicOMS@gmail.com.

See you there!